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Catherine Golden Lewis

Scholarship Essay

Catherine Golden Lewis was a life-long resident of Sulphur, LA.  She was fascinated with baton twirling during her younger years and often laughed as she told the story of how she ended up a drummer instead of a twirler because of a silly waist wrap that flew across the gym floor at her one and only audition for high school majorette. 


By the time she made it back from retrieving her baton from that waist wrap at the beginning of her routine, unfortunately the music was over, and so were her dreams of becoming a majorette.  However, she felt blessed to spend all of her adult life around our sport because of her daughter, Lori, who began lessons at 3 years old and is still involved today, and her granddaughter, Emily, whom she cherished and was truly her biggest fan.  Catherine was extremely creative and made some beautiful costumes and pageant dresses over the years, and she supported every twirler with love and compassion at every opportunity.  

She is dearly missed, but her legacy will live on through our essay competition which is designed to help all twirlers become better communicators and instill the values of sportsmanship and camaraderie that are most important in any activity.  Thank you all for participating and please remember that your twirling teacher and supporters care far more about you than the reach of your twirling success.  




The Catherine Lewis Memorial Essay Competition will award $150 scholarships to one junior athlete ages 0-14, and to one senior athlete ages 15 and over.  Essays are due by April 7th to and will be judged by a panel of 3, including Jeffrey Lewis, son of Catherine.  Essays should be between 200-500 words and can be typed or handwritten.  


Junior Writing Prompt - How would you describe baton twirling to your friends that may not have heard of our sport?


Senior Writing Prompt - How will baton twirling prepare you for your future as an adult?

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